The whole IIYW staff, together with its Director Ms. Shilpa Mirashi, have taken matters- or to say colors, paint brushes and decoration-into their own hands and provided Lonara with an appealing new design. Thus, one will quickly see, where the grass roots of this design lay: the campus so called nick name that has emerged out of the construction works is”Warli Campus”-a typical Maharashtran painting style, capturing the rural life in our beautiful state. So Lonara is more than ever ready to invite youngsters, women, student groups, trainees and all interested to a fulfilling stay. However, there is yet much work to do, to give hands to those in need, those fallen out of any social frame. The globalisation ad vast economic as well as social development of our city Nagpur brings upon major changes and challenges us more than ever to support people’s access to education and employment, infrastructure and health care. IIYW, being a national operating organization with further centres in Gadchiroli, Ralegaon, Akola and Chandrapur, we have served thousands of people in rural and urban areas up until the present day.

We have initiated new linkages with NUHM- National Urban Health Mission through the project on MAS with the organization -SNEHA. An ambitious project of Eco friendly village-Moharli at Chandrapur district funded by German Government and Indian Government is the most challenging project to achieve total sanitation and make the village ‘ideal’ based on ‘Swatcha Bharat Abhiyan’ theme. The People’s Participatory Approach is the base of the project. Moharli would become the innovative project where the village will have conveyance system for the sewage and underground water supply. The childline project at Akola has been instrumental for supporting the children in distress through the toll free number 1098. Childline India Foundation is a huge network of which IIYW is a collab organization.

The Weltwaerts Programme at IIYW has grown well and IIYW has received two more volunteers posts at the Chandrapur centre in addition to two volunteers at Nagpur. The handicrafts project funded by Government of India is a five year project designed for the welfare of Terracotta artisan and Bamboo artisan in the Nagpur, Chandrapur District respectively. IIYW has organized 350 artisans, 35 self-help groups, and two design and technology workshops in last year for skill development of artisans.