Health check Up Camp

Health check Up Camp

IIYW has planned the women’s health related interventions systematically by involving Dietician and Gyanacologist right from the planning stage. Thus, the women’s reproductive health is being tackled at length and the root cause of problems is tried to be tackled.  

Women empowerment is seen as a key for success of the project. Thus, various such activities which will sensitise the women group are being undertaken such as awareness programmes on health and hygeine, puppet shows, focused group meetings, data collection on health and menstrual hygeine etc. Similarly, the students are seen as change agents in their families and for the community in general and so various awareness programmes are planned for them as regards health , hygeine habits, cleanliness, solid waste management.

The village population knows about healthy living conditions (health , sanitary issues and environment).

Diet and health programmes like Blood testing camps for men, womens and students also Eye check up camp for senior citizens to be undertaken.

Posters and teaching aid to be developed on the topics of personal hygiene, environment etc. Organising exhibitions, movies etc for different groups.

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