Improvement of Living Conditions in Mohorli

Improvement of Living Conditions in Mohorli


The project “Improvement of the living conditions for the Inhabitants of Mohorli/Maharashtra” is being implemented by Indian Institute of Youth Welfare -IIYW-Nagpur from 01.05.2016 to ending period 31.01.2018 at a village named Mohorli – Chandrapur District. The purpose of the project is based in two goals namely a. Provision of systematic drinking water and sewage disposal to residents of Mohorli and b. Empower women to work as ambassadresses of an ecological sustainable village model.

The project is designed for the welfare of all people, with a special focus on women. The target group involved in the project from the beginning onwards so as to develop a participatory approach towards project implementation.

The village Mohorli is near the entrance gate of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve in Chandrapur District which is a well know tiger reserves in India. Many visitors visit Tadoba and thus Mohorli has become a focal point. The village has around 1100 population which includes backward classes and native tribes. 20% population works in the tourism industry and 80% work as labourers and do not have sustainable income. The Burad community works with Bamboo and makes articles out of Bamboo and are below poverty line.

The project includes following activities –

  • Construction and maintenance of water pipes for every household in the village
  • Installation of sewerage system for the whole village.
  • Construction of biogas for poor families from village.
  • Awareness programmes concerning environment, hygiene and health in general for various target groups and development of an eco friendly village.

This project is seen as a model project within Maharashtra since Mohorli village is being developed as totally sanitised village with underground sewerage and water supply thus developing it as ecologically sound and sustainable village. The project supports the “Clean India Campaign (Swatcha Bharat Abhiyaan in India launched by the Indian Government).

The project sustainability is assured as the project is implemented jointly with the Gram Panchayat (Local Government at Mohorli) and the villagers as key stakeholders thus ensuring long term continuity.

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