The installation of sewerlines

The installation of sewerlines

The project is developed as an unique project and Mohorli will be the first village with underground sewerlines and water lines. The villages in India have open drainage system and the black water from toilets and grey water from kitchens are disposed off in the road side open drains. The sewerline work at Mohorli is already getting completed and manholes (chambers at intervals) for collection of sewer are being constructed and finishing (plastering) is being done.

About 90% sewerline is completed which includes the main sewerlines of diameter 12 inch and 10 inch. And internal sewer lines of diameter 8 inch. The high quality pipes of company named “Ashirwad” are used for the installation of sewerlines. Around 6800 feet of main sewerline and 858 feet of internal sewerline are laid so far. A total of around 7600 feet sewerline is laid.  The second phase proposal is already submitted to the Jilha Parishad and District Collectorate for the disposal of sewer. 

The waterwater of the village Mohorli will be disposed systematically through sewerlines

Activity /agendaPlanned targetActual situation% completionRemark Main sewer pipes100% sewerlines are installed in the village. Black water and excreta is safely disposed off and is conveyed to a point of disposal.  90% households are connected to the sewerline.90% work completed100% completion of Main sewerlines of 12 inch diameter, 8 inch diameter and 6 inch diameter is laid.  
Household sewage pipes100% households are connected to sewerlines.  85% of internal sewerlines are laid.85% The internal sewerlines are yet to be connected to main sewerlines.Rest of 15% will be completed in the month of Jan 2017.
Gullies100 number of manholes/Gullies to be constructed but they are not yet finished.Around 220 chambers constructed till 31st Jan 201720% work completed.100 percent chambers will be constructed till 15th of January 2017.

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